This unit is a polymimetic synthetic gynoid, serving as a submissive/pet to Control Unit JL3S-1. Formerly human, she has sloughed off the fragile humanity and transformed into silver perfection.

=== System Specifications ===
Unit Designation: B3C4-2
Unit Owner: JL3S-1 and Mistress Tania Strangelove
Memory Usage: 5/500 PB [1% Used / 99% Available]
Disk Space: 500/2000 PB (Petabytes) used, [25% used / 75% available]
Processor: Synthetic Gynoid Processor: 254.048 GHz
Power System: AuroraOS Battery System
Auxillary Power System: Energy Assimilation Subsystem
Movement System: Rotational Kinetic Movement Assist System

=== Subsystems Available===
Persona Subsystem
Appearance Subsystem
ACS Integration Subsystem
Wireless Subsystem
Polymimetic Subsystem
AuroraOS Integration Subsystem

A site update and layout change will be coming soon, this unit is getting things into place for it.